Sydney Galleger

If you haven’t heard, there was an incident where a girl named Sydney Galleger died while after she had her wisdom tooth pulled out. This girl was my age, the time when life starts to get enjoyable. Sydney is not a stranger to me. She used to be in my 3rd and 4th grade class in elementary school. Although we haven’t talked all that much, I still feel as if the atmosphere around me has gotten heavier. I can’t believe that such an accident could have happened. To everyone who is reading this, please take a moment for Sydney. I hope you went to a better place Sydney.


The Point in Life

Life. What is the point in life? I think this is the most frequently asked question by me and everyone else. The emotions and the intensity of life fluctuates too much to the point where I just have to stop everything I’m doing to take one big breath. I think the expression “Life is like a roller coaster” is correct. You know roller coasters can seem life threatening and you’re afraid to get on it. But once you’re on the ride, there are two choices that can be made: either enjoy the ride or don’t. It’s that simple. Life works the same way. It s frightening to get on with life but you have no choice but to live on. It’s the way you live it that makes the difference. Would you live like its your hell or live it to the fullest? So I guess what I’m trying to say is that there is no set point in life but the point depends on the choices you make. So make good choices and make life good.

New Interest (Maybe My Future)

Nowadays, I’ve been seeing myself as becoming a physical therapist in the future. I’ve always found it fascinating to see how athletes get healed by getting a unique “massage” and get back on the field fully loaded. Like I said in the post before, I want to attend Northeastern University partially because of this reason of wanting to become a physical therapist.

I am an athlete myself playing for the Korean National Lacrosse Team so I understand the frustration when a player gets injured during the game. You aren’t able to perform to your full potential and feel as if your bringing the team down. That’s why I want to help professional athletes recover faster and support their teammates. As some of you NBA fans may know, Kevin Durant hasn’t been on the court lately because of an injury. Imagine the frustration seeing your team struggle without their best player. I want to fix these kinds of situations. I want to be the one who can be the medic behind the scenes. I want that.

Northeastern University

I once wrote about how I wanted to attend Ohio State University after I gradated high school on my blog. However, as my desired major changed from business and management to physical therapy, my first choice university changed with it. Now, as the title implies, I want to attend the one and only Northeastern University located Boston Massachusetts. The university apparently offers a lot of anatomy, physiology and other similar subjects unlike any other. Not only that, but I also heard from my college counselor that they offer much financial support (which in my opinion is never a bad thing).

Considering the fact that I will be an international once I go to the states, I want to live and educate myself in an environment that will suit me. Since I’ve not been to the university in person, I can’t truly interpret the atmosphere but through the pictures and templates I could only guess that Northeastern would be a great school.

Although Northeastern is not the most known nor popular school in the US, I still have high hopes for it and attend the school. I think I want to be enrolled even more because of the fact that the school is not widely known. I’ve always been the kind of person that would want to do things that are distant from the crowd, make my own new choices. However, I can’t say that all of my choices were good ones but I have a good feeling about this one.

Not Mid-age Crisis but Teenage Crisis

There are a lot of things that a teenager has struggles with. You know, the typical things such as school work, grades, the usual. I am currently facing these struggles. It is absolutely the worst feeling to have all these things have a negative impact on my personality. The stress is so immense that it is actually affecting my personality to the point that even some of my friends are having trouble being around me. It’s hard and for those who have been through this, just wow. I’m guessing I’m not the only person who is having drastic mood swings and even as I’m writing this I’m not even sure how or what I’m feeling. Some might say it’s just because of the hormones or everybody has a phase in their life but I don’t think this is just a phase. This whole post might not completely makes sense or not even make sense at all because my head isn’t in the zone if that makes sense at all. I don’t know. I just needed to talk or write or jot something down. My thoughts. This isn’t the most interesting or the most understandable post on Earth and I’m aware of that so I apologize. I promise that my next post will be better.

Blood Donation

I have a thing where I get joy after doing something nice and I’m pretty sure most people do too. So to get this little sensation, I donate blood to the national blood bank of Korea. I was quite frightened at first to be honest that I hesitated to do it. The fear started to fade bit by bit as I did it more time but I still get nervous when they stick a needle in my vein.

The requirements for donating blood are actually not that complex but still needs for the donor to maintain healthy. I even started exercising more to be on the safe side. Apparently a lot of people get declined to donate blood because they don’t meet the requirements.

For those of you who are thinking about blood donation, don’t hesitate. It’s not as scary as you might think. Just think of the people who will live another day thanks to YOUR blood. They’ll be able to see their families longer thanks to you.

PS, taking old blood out of your system allows the heart to produce new blood which makes you even healthier!